Bird Feeding Basics – How to Feed Birds

Birds are a great asset when it comes to having a beautiful backyard. To keep them coming back birds require 3 basics: fresh water, cover to nest and hide and variety of foods to eat.

Birds love freshwater and what better than a bird bath or a water feature to add to the landscape. To hide from predators, weather and to nest make sure you have trees, shrubs and hedge rows to protect the birds. Use nest boxes or feeders for other protective alternatives. Birds burn twice as many calories to stay warm during the harsh winters which makes food scarce. Buy quality food for the birds because some prefer different nutrients. Packages list what birds they attract. Popular types of food are black oil sunflower seeds, thistle, safflower seeds, millet, cracked corn, suet, fruit and peanuts.
Seed mixes are popular because they cater to a variety of birds. Be sure to store in a metal container to keep out mice and feeders.

Feeding the birds will keep them coming back. There are a variety of feeders to feed every bird as well! Locate different feeders at different levels on a tree if you prefer feeders that hang. Other options include tray or platform feeders. These should be 10 feet away from trees and mounted in an open area so the birds can flea from predators.

Tube feeders are the most common feeder. They should always be hung 5 feet from the ground. These can be filled with any seed mix and are typically hung in trees or on hangers that can be mounted into the ground. Hoppers are essential for attracting a lot of birds. Hoppers can hold several pounds of mixed seed, can last longer than a typical feeder. For smaller beaked birds, thistle feeders are ideal for them. Suet feeders are popular in the winter time. Suet does spoil quicker than typical bird food, so therefore it is ideal for the winter time so it is preserved longer. Finally there are hummingbird feeders. Unlike most feeders these are filled with nectar which are drank through their long bills.

As the seasons change, be sure to keep your feeders maintained by cleaning them before you refill them. Create a bird friendly environment and bring the birds back feed after feed! For more helpful videos like this, visit

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