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Dragon Boat racing has grown to become a sport for all ages and seniors are finding it to be an excellent sport to get involved in for exercise and socializing. Introduced in 2007 to the BC Senior Games as a demonstration sport, Dragon Boat racing is now the largest sport in the BC Senior Games.

The GO Rowing & Paddling Association of Canada, located on the Victoria Gorge Waterway, helps to organize and manage Dragon Boating both locally and in BC. They have been supportive in pulling together two exclusively 50+ Dragon Boat teams. The all women’s team is called Gorge-Us-Gals and the mixed is the Amazing Greys. Each team is made up of 20+ paddlers.

Dragon Boating for these seniors is a fantastic way to stay fit and active and make friends with other active seniors. Dragon Boat teams practice twice a week, and participate/compete in a number of racing festivals each year. While Dragon Boating for these seniors is a leisure activity, it, as an activity, can be very competitive.

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