Harvesting Heirloom Tomato Seeds – Wisconsin Garden Video Blog 738

See More Garden Goodies: http://www.WisconsinGarden.com – – – We’ve been wanting to do a video on harvesting heirloom tomato seeds for several years but just never got around to doing a video on this topic. Well, today’s the day. We visited our local farmer’s market last weekend and purchased several varieties of heirloom tomatoes so that we could show a very easy method of harvesting seeds. For this demonstration we selected Red Beefsteak, Orange Cluster, Plum Roma, Espresso and Aurora. After extracting the seed pulp we added a little water and allow them to sit in a container for a couple of days covered with plastic wrap. The pulp begins to dissolve and separate itself from the seed. Then it’s a simple matter of straining, washing, and drying the seeds for next spring’s planting. Don’t forget to label all your efforts.

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