How to Edge Your Landscape with a Power Edger

Want to give your lawn a finished professional look? Use a gas powered edger to give your lawn a great manicured look. A gas powered edger gets rid of weeds and grasses that grow over sidewalks, driveways and curbs and gives you a nice professional edge along your landscape.

To begin, read the owners manual so you know how to operate the machine and know how it works. Start by taking the machine to your work area. Adjust the depth to a shallow setting to begin and cut your line along the grass edge. Be sure to not hit the concrete. Next, adjust to a deeper setting to cut down the grass roots so they do not regrow. Let the machine do the work. If your edger has a curb setting, adjust the wheel and repeat the directions above starting with a shallow setting then moving to a deeper one. For more outdoor power equipment advice and how-to videos, visit

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