How to Make a Stacking Coffee Table

Add style and simplicity to your living room with this easy to make stackable coffee table. Find project details here:

The table really is just a stack of blocks with each ‘block’ made from a hollow core door and some laminate.

Because the door gets cut into two even pieces, you need to stabilize the cut ends. Cut a piece of scrap wood to size and fit that in for support. Add some glue to secure it. You can clamp the ends while the glue dries, or just add a couple of pin-nails.

Then, using heavy-duty adhesive, spray each door-half and join them. The glue sets immediately so you only get one shot at joining the door-halves. Be very careful when you’re aligning the edges and then make sure you’ve got good contact all the way around.

Now you’re ready to start laminating. All the laminate pieces are cut a little oversized so you can trim them back for the best fit.

Start with the sides. Spray an even layer of adhesive on the block and the laminate, position the laminate, and press it into place. A roller is a great way to get a really good seal between the laminate and the door. Then, use a router to trim off the excess. Be sure and sand the edges so you get a nice tight seam when you put the top on.

Repeat the same process for the remaining sides.

Now that you have all four sides on, do a little light sanding to get rid of any lumps and bumps so you can put your laminate top on. The top and bottom, are added just like the sides: spray, position, seal, and rout.

When all your laminate is in place, use a little laquer thinner on a shop rag to remove any gluey globs.

Make as many blocks as you like, then start stacking. You can use different colors of laminate and you can orient them differently to make a fun table for your living room.

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