How to Stamp your Curtains to Create Custom Window Treatments

Turn plain jane curtains into a custom DIY project by making your own stamp. Find project details here:

Use self-adhesive felt pads that are normally used to protect floors from furniture to create a flower stamp. A wood biscuit is the perfect petal shape. Trace it onto the felt pad then cut out your ovals.

Now arrange the pieces to make your stamp. You can play with different shapes and patterns. Once you’ve got something you like, get yourself a piece of scrap wood and just peel, and stick.

Use a little foam roller to apply your paint, turn the board over and press it firmly onto your fabric. Reapply your paint, and repeat.

To add even more interest, find other shapes you can stamp with. Washers add a nice extra element, just look in the aisles at Lowe’s for interesting or unique shapes, and give it a try. With a little creativity, you’ll have perfectly personalize curtains.

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