Reversing Aging in Older Adults and Teaching Kids Kindness | Today’s News | 8-2-16

Good morning! Most women my age are highly skeptical of anti-aging creams and potions. There’s a good reason for this… most of them simply don’t do anything! At the same time, most of us would like to have more energy and strength to explore the world. If scientists ever come up with a genuine process for reversing aging, many of us would find it hard to turn down. I know I would!

Join us as we discuss a study that claims to have found a hormone that may reverse aging in humans, a good news story about teaching kids kindness, the latest on Typhoon Nida, a Zika Warning in Miami and much more!

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Would you let your doctor insert a device into your body that monitored every aspect of your health? Would you reverse the aging process if you could?

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