Strawberries And Garlic – Wisconsin Garden Video Blog 742

See More Garden Goodies: – – – It’s time to cover our strawberries and garlic. While we’ve only had a couple of mild frosts here in Wisconsin, at the end of November before the snow flies we want to place plastic netting over our newly planted strawberry beds to see if that will keep the rabbits from eating all our plants. We’ll add about 3-4” of straw first before netting 6 resided beds and anchor the netting down with tomato ring cages and extra bricks. Then we’re off to cover our newly planted garlic which is already popping out of the ground a couple of inches. We’ll cover this area with our leaf mulch and grass clippings that have been aging for several months. Because of all our amazing neighbors who delivered hundreds of huge bags of leaves and grass clippings we finally had to take down our wanted signs for this year. We truly appreciated all who took the time to deliver them to our Wisconsin Garden. Thank you all for your garden gold!

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