Swimming Pool Maintenance: How to Clear Cloudy Pool Water

Pool maintenance is key to maintaining a healthy pool all season long. One common problem that pool owners encounter is cloudy water. Cloudy water is caused by poor filtration, ph imbalance, inadequate chlorine levels, not running the filter long enough and not back-washing which is the process of reversing the water through the filter to remove debris.

There are many ways to rid of cloudy water. One way is to chemically clean the filter. Use a filter cleaner on a regular basis. If the filter is clean you most likely have high pH levels. The pH balance is the most important aspect for pool maintenance. Using a test strip will let you check the water chemistry. The pH should be between 7.2 and 7.6 and total alkalinity should run between 80-125 PPM. If the pH or alkalinity are high use a pH decreaser if the pH is low add a pH increaser. If the water is still not balanced add a water clarifier. For more helpful pool maintenance videos and how-to projects, visit http://www.Lowes.com/Videos

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