Winter Garden Tour – Wisconsin Garden Video Blog 743

See More Garden Goodies: – – – We thought our subscribers would enjoy joining us on a winter garden tour of our Wisconsin Garden. This morning we woke up to zero degrees with anticipated wind chills making it seem like minus 25 degrees. We are bundled up and ready to head outside. While the winds were calm and a fresh layer of 8”-12” of snow everything, everything is as it should be, snuggled under a blanket layer of soft fluffy snow. For those of you familiar with all of our summer garden tours, it’s interesting to see how different everything looks in comparison. Even the snow makes its own crunch and squeaky sound as we take our tour. Watching the hundreds of bags of mulched leaves and grass clippings continuing to compost we’re aware of the raising snow banks at the end of the driveways. So bundle up in front of your monitor and join us on our final 2016 Wisconsin Garden video. Merry Christmas & A Blessed New Year.

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